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Monazite sand, Rutile Sand, Beryl Ores

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Model No.︰Rare earth minerals
Brand Name︰HMM
Country of Origin︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
Monazite sand(REO:55%min),
Rutile sand(TiO2:94.4%),
Beryl/Beryllium Ores(BeO:10%min),
Total Oxide(REO+ThO2): 66.2%,
ThO2: 9.2%,
P2O5: 29.2%,
Acid Insoluble: 4%,
Spec. Gravity: 5.22,
Bulk Density: 3200-3300Kg/m3,
Size: 60-150mesh,
2. Rutile sand:-
TiO2: 94.4%(Guaranteed:94%),
Fe2O3: 1.90%,
P2O5: 0.05%,
ZrO2: 1.80%
SiO2: 1.80%,
U: 66ppm,
Size: 60-150mesh,
Spec. Gravity: 4.18-4.25,
Bulk Density: 2500-2800 Kg/m3,
Hardness(Moh`s): 6.0-6.5,
3. Beryl/Beryllium Ores,
BeO: 10%min.
Advantages︰Quality of the minerals are good and most suitable for industrial applications/uses.
Export Markets︰worldwide
Pricing︰on request
Payment Details︰T/T or confirm & Irr. site L/C,
Min Order︰20MT
Ship Date︰30 days
Standard Met︰BIS
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