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We are mine owners, processors and exporters of following materials:- 1. Natural mica sheets, splittings, films, blocks, thins, fabricated mica parts, like: plates, strips, gaskets(shields), discs, washers, spacers, blanks, mica flakes-powders, silvered mica plates and mica paper boards(silicone bonded). 2. Chrome washed concentrates having Cr2O3: 48-50% to 60-62%, Silica: 4% to 1%, best quality of Indian origin. 3. Beryl/Beryllium Ores, having BeO:11%min, 4. Indian Iron Ores and Magnetite Ores, 5. Potash Feldspar powder having Potash(K2O): 12% approx. in 200 & 300 mesh size, 6. Quartz lumps-grains-powders of high quality in snow white & rose colour, 7. Vermiculite Ores, 8. Titanium dioxide rutile for pigments & paints, 9. Mica gaskets transparent for boiler gauge glasses, 10. Mica spacers-insulators for use in electronics-electrical industries as spacers-wafers-insulators. 11. Mica molded round tubes and washers for use in current collectors, power resistors, trolley line holders, lightening arrestors, switchgears etc. 12. Heat Insulator & Seperator mica parts for use thermal batteries, defence equipments,semiconductor moutings, electro-magnetic relays, electron tubes, gas filled surge arrestors, varistors, thermistors, trimmmers, voltage regulators, soldering irons, etc. 13. Mica powders & flakes for welding electrodes, paints, mud chemicals, wall papers, bitumin felts, oil well drillings, pigments, christmass trees, ceramics,lubrication, insulation etc. 14. Minerals: Dolomite, Calcite, Kaolin, Soapstone and other Indian minerals.

  • Hindusthan Mica Mart
  • Main Road,Giridih - 815 301,Jharkhand, India.
  • 815 301
  • 91-6532- 224112
  • 91-6532-222493
  • R. Lall (CEO)
  • 91-9431 -144369

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